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What you will find in my blog........

Kirsten Regel

So when I first started out on my journey of opening up my store, I had actually started down the path of blogging first. I have a background in marketing/advertising/communications as well as community investment and I love to write. English Language Arts was always my best class by far in high school and University, tied with History and gym.....(math not so much!).

So I began writing blog posts but didn't have a place to put them........until now.

When I was writing, I wrote about travel...because that is everything to me and I have traveled across North America and backpacked Europe with plans to travel to Asia in the future! I also wrote about fashion, being a mom and things that I have gone through in my life. I have had an amazing and beautiful life so far but I have also been through some very tough things and for me talking and sharing has been a path towards healing. And hopefully sharing some of the things I have gone through will help someone else.

STAY TUNED!! Topics I will include in future blogs include (in no particular order):

On the lighter side of things.....

Travel & Fashion

  • Travel - Highlights from our recent last minute trip to Los Angeles and San Diego
  • Travel - Tips from Backpacking Europe and going the backpacking route vs. the group tour route as I have experienced both!
  • My favourite shopping spots in New York City - including navigating the largest outlet mall in the WORLD!
  • How I bought and made it home with my wedding dress at Kleinfeld's in New York City - Yes, THEE shop from Say Yes to the Dress! (sample sale!)
  • Sightseeing in Los Angeles with and without kids
  • Hockey Trips - Pittsburgh is the best for hockey and OUTLET shopping!
  • Montreal on a budget
  • Toronto sightseeing
  • Vancouver highlights
  • Planing our summer vacation to Calgary
  • Planning an Orlando vacation with the boys and visiting family in Tampa Bay
  • Funny things I thought before becoming a mom
  • The struggles of being a first time mom
  • My birth stories with my boys
  • "mom-dating"
  • Mom - fashion, keeping it comfy and cute
  • Organizing awesome play dates
  • How to start your own mom group and meet new people!
  • Nursing babies past 12 months old
  • Life as a working mom
  • Balancing act

On a Deeper Level......

  • Playing hockey at elite levels on boys teams and girls teams, facing gender discrimination and overcoming it
  • Going from being an elite hockey player with college acceptance in the States to being in a wheelchair and having back surgery in high school
  • My experiences with physical and emotional abuse from a boyfriend at a young age, and how that affected me with my relationships and still does to this day
  • Breaking my silence and my personal journey after a miscarriage
  • My Rainbow Baby and our pregnancy journey through hell
  • Dealing with persistent and constant chronic back pain

I hope you will stay tuned and also feel like this is a safe space to share your story too!

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