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My Life as a #momofboys

Kirsten Regel

What does it really mean to be a #momofboys? Well, I will give you an inside look into what MY life with all boys looks like......most of this probably applies to kids in general and girls too, but I don't know any different...this is just my experience.

I have two wonderful boys. One is aged 2.5 and one is so close to turning 5 it hurts. But that's a whole other post, because OMG I will soon have a Kindergarten bound, school aged kid soon, and I am on the verge of tears thinking how fast the last 5 years have flown by.

Life with all boys....... Its something that only other moms of all boys truly understand.

Every time I say I have two boys...a question is always asked "oh, will you go for your girl still? Try for a third?"

First off, I am totally happy with my boys, that question always makes me feel like because I don't have a girl that something is missing and my family is incomplete and I shouldn't be happy unless I get that girl. I truly feel that way when it is asked, and it is almost insulting the way some people ask..........

but to be completely honest....the truth is as much as I hate when people ask,  I also do have a nagging feeling of what if, what if the next one was a girl?

And that is why I will eventually try for a third....but it doesn't mean I like to be bugged about not having a girl all the time either....or reminded of that fact over and over again.

And I am mentally prepared for that third child to be a boy, it is just what I am used to. Once you have one, and then another one....you accept that you are just a boy making factory.

Yes, I would shed a tear for sure (okay lots)....but I will never regret bringing another tiny, amazing little human being into this world, the sex of the baby does not matter, just a healthy baby does.

BUT still, just because I have boys doesn't mean I am unhappy. I am a girly/tomboy. I loved dancing and fashion and all things sparkly BUT I was (still am) a huge sports fanatic, growing up playing competitive AAA hockey all through Midget on both all guys teams and in the last few years an all girls AAA team as well the guys team. And, I was damn good. Not to brag, but just ask any of the boys that played with me, or better yet against me. I was college bound to Cornell (that's Ivy League!!) until I hurt my back that ended my hockey playing, at that level...but that's another post for later too..

What I am trying to say is that I naturally have that sports, rough and tough, locker room side of things inside me and boy has it helped! I haven't had a hard adjustment to being around all boys all the time, its been fun. And not every boy is into those things, but my boys are right now and most days I fit right in. And of course, lots of girls love those things too....I did growing up, this is just what MY days are like with MY boys.

MOM OF BOYS MOMENT: sneaking to the bathroom in the dark, being quiet, trying to not wake the boys, leaving the light off (because OMG, you cannot take any chances, you have to be a night ninja) and sitting down to pee and realizing you are sitting on wet cold pee...thanks boys

Cuz there is pee on the seat ALL the time. I don't care if they put the seat back down. Its actually better if its left up all the time, so then the seat doesn't have pee on it for sure! Now they have just started peeing in the shower, so that's been nice.....ha....My youngest won't potty train but as soon as I say "pee in shower" his pants are down and he is peeing on command.

Day In The Life

Fart Jokes

Poop Jokes

Booger Jokes


Running.....they never stop running

Messy eating.....my floors are disgusting, our laundry is neverending

Wieners. Yes I said it.

They are everywhere. Bath time......they literally love just running around naked they also pee in the tub, on each other or just generally play with their junk. Ever since they are a young baby, once they discover it, a hand just usually slides down there to explore....if the other hand isn't already there haha.

It is both funny and creepy at the same time.

MOM OF BOYS MOMENT - When they realize you do not in fact have a wiener. They are confused and then they just feel bad for you, because apparently it is just so cool to have one (which it kinda does seem cool). Their first reaction was just like oh, that sucks don't worry we will get you a wiener someday. Like they can just attach it to my body like one of their pull apart lego men.

In our house, someone usually has their pants off or is mooning someone. Its a big joke when they do and then the other follows and soon they are running around our kitchen island in runners and no pants, one in gotch the other in a diaper (if I am lucky, it's usually a full on nudie race).

They just feed off each other and get each other to do more and go farther. Like filling up cups of water from the fridge and dumping them all over the hardwood floor in the living room and kitchen. Like full, ice cold cups of water.....everywhere....Let's make a POOL mom! 

They are rough and tumble and love to get dirty in the sandbox or playing cars in the garage. We always end up playing some sort of game of Monster attack or dinosaurs or Spiderman around the house or at every park, I usually end up chasing a group of 4-6 boys running around like crazy....

They keep us busy.....and moving....and they are fighting one minute, best buds the next....fighting again and then playing together like its no big deal. They are loud and goofy and I have cars and lego all over my house, it is insane.  

And they have destroyed the house, driving those cars up the walls and having sword fights and battles and jumping off things.....it never ends....

And Heavy Metal music, I cannot finish this blog without talking about my boys and their love for music. I am always listening to Disturbed, Ozzy, Metallic, White Zombie, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica or Slipknot. My boys love their music, it fuels their energy. And its grown on me, I dabbled a bit in high school, well mostly I just knew the "mainstream hits".....but now I know songs 1-12 on my oldest's favourite Iron Maiden CD and my youngest has really nailed Ozzy and White Zombie into my head.

But a positive side of having all boys is something that was hard when they were little and attached to me, but now when they are older its so much better.....shopping.....

And while shopping, and I have had this conversation with other boys moms like me that love fashion, I tend to overcompensate for not having a girl by buying my clothes tons and tons of clothes haha....they have a bigger closet then I do and its crazy. I don't know why, but its like well I cant buy bows or beautiful girly things so I will just make sure my boys are decked out in the cutest clothes.

Now that they are older I can leave them at home entertained by each other and hanging out with dad. Before it was having one or both in a cart, bribing them with snacks or juice and power shopping in Winners in like 15 minutes flat. The whole store. Homesense too....just power walking like a beast. Now, I can actually go for the full hour you need there and enjoy it, not constantly chasing someone or asking someone to sit down or worrying about a crying baby.....

FREEDOM!!! this comes with most kids when they hit that older age, when you can leave them at home without a tantrum or being attached....its just really nice my boys will stay and be busy at home now. And not be total monsters when I return and make me pay for leaving them by having to endlessly nurse or rock them or other comfort things they needed when little.

BUT, also that feeling of like awwww....they don't need me anymore. And that comes with them getting older too.....but it does creep up on you and I feel it sinking in for sure....realizing my oldest is so old and my youngest is not a baby anymore is crushing.

And also that feeling of knowing that someday they will not be my little boys anymore that hang on to me and cuddle and call me the most beautiful girl they know. Someday they will get married and very likely follow that girl back closer to her family. I hope it doesn't happen or at least that they dont go too far away and hopefully they marry some awesome partners. Its all out of my control...so Ill just love them to bits and enjoy every cuddle I can before they get too big and too cool.

What is your life like with your boys?

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